5 best styles of usb flash drive for promotion gift usb flash drive

no matter how you call it: usb flash drive, usb flash disk, usb driver, flash memory, usb memory stick or usb thumb drive, we do know that this magical 

device acting more and more important role in our daily work as basic usb storage device and in business promotion area as promotion gift usb flash drive

promotion gift usb flash drive is widely used as giveaway items in marketing campaign, exhibitions, business visits, etc. 
Now there 5 most popular style of usb flash drive as promotion gift usb flash drive: credit card usb flash drive, key usb flash drive, bracelet usb flash 

drive, metal usb flash drive, and plastic usb flash drive.
1, credit card usb flash drive: this style of usb flash drive has recently become the one of the best choice for business promotion. Its wide space for logo 

printing or branding, light weight and credit card size facilitating carrying in wallet, all compose the good reason for best seller of promotion gift usb 

flash drive. At very first sight, you think this is a normal credit card, but you will see the user use it as a usb storage device but put it snugly into his 

wallet just like a credit card! 
2, key usb flash memory: as its name suggests, this usb flash memory resembles the shape of a real key, tiny, made of flawless metal, with keychain. Printed with logo, it can be taken together with customer easily and constantly be exposed to customer: advertising effect repeated again and again. So far this is a new form of usb flash memory.

3, bracelet usb flash disk: this is the most well-received form of promotion item for young and fashionable customers. made of harmless PVC, this model usb flash disk is available in various bright colors. Printed with logo, the young and fashionable customer will put this usb flash disk around his wrist and bring it as decoration. Ads can move like this way!

4, metal flash drive: this is one of the traditional choice for promotion gift  flash drive. this material is prefered by those customer who like the 

metal touch, heavy weight, simple but classical design. And the LOGO printed on the metal flash drive will not fade away as time goes by. Basically as a 

usb storage device, this flash drive is very durable in quality.

5, plastic usb thumb drive: usually plastic usb thumb drive is mostly chosen by customer who like its simple design, good space for logo branding, vivid and 

varied colors for selection. And this usb thumb drive is the most economical usb thumb drives among all. It is affordable for all customers.

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