How to Customized usb drives and customized usb flash drives?

Many different types of U-disk, U disk companies in the custom, the first thing to consider their own custom U disk used for? U disk that is used as a custom-made for? Some own use, with some sent to the customer, some sold, some inside the U-disk storage of some of their company promotional materials, one sent to the customer, the second is the way to do some advertising for his company. So if it is with the nature of advertising, the proposal is to customize the U disk relatively smooth appearance, suitable for print ads, including company name, company address, company phone, company website, etc., so give clients, customers also need it first The second is that each customer with the U disk, you will see your company's information, so now the U disk, may also be referred to as ad U disk, U disk drive business. Of course, two types of print advertising, one screen, print out this effect the most beautiful, clear, there is beauty, but the disadvantage is that if you rub the surface with hard things, then easily knocked off the advertising, advertising may be a long time no. Second, laser engraving, the advantages of this area is permanent and will not fade, the font is always clear, but the drawback is not pretty. This is to see the customer's own preferences, and according to their own set of circumstances.

Easier to advertise the U disk, U disk card is generally, also known as card U disk, there are many other styles, can the site selection.

General corporate gifts in the U disk to do, do pay attention to quality, poor quality do not give customers the U disk, or reach the end result, but the customer offended, if U disk is not very good quality it If your U disk where there is an important customer information, data over time if not open, or have other open situation, so that more harm than good. Gifts U disk recommended to do, do not find the price too expensive, say to send the customer the price so cheap, it Nabuchushou. Delivery of high quality, the customer was also pleased with their advertising effect is achieved.

Note use of U: U disk, small size, light weight, so the performance impact is generally so good. However, due to a general U disk enclosure is the use of the chip plus the design, if the coincidence, is also very prone to fall after, PCB board components loose situation; In addition, the gap between the shell and the chip is also very easy to penetrate the liquid, if Forget the laundry out of the U disk, unfortunately, also very likely to occur. But the intelligent high-speed Intelligent Stick products are ultra-ultra-small PCB cutting process, and shell integration of ultrasonic welding technology, the volume is much smaller than the traditional U-disk, is then fall, then soak, data security can be destructive. Click:customized usb drives and customized usb flash drives  usb flash dirves



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