Why business card pen drive exceeds the counterpart promotional gifts?

Why business card pen drive exceeds the counterpart promotional gifts? Business card pen drives nowadays become the best choice for promotion and marketing for the reason of economy and flexibility: the customers can customize the look of business card pen drive while at the same time they will have a wide range of memory size to choose each memory size with different pricing. 

Business card pen drive applications:
1 ) Promotional Gifts
2 ) show gifts
3 ) professional sales tool
4 ) Online market research
5 ) online product catalog
6 ) major events , conferences conference
7 ) new members, recruiting new students online
8 ) online products , policies and regulations to promote
9 ) investment will be, corporate annual meetings Gift
10 ) to commemorate an important moment gifts gift

Additional services :
1 , through our technical processing , you can put your product website to embed the business card pen drive. When users open business card pen drive , it will automatically run your website and product can be automatically upgraded.
2 , pre-loaded files , burn data , autorun animation , encryption can also be embedded in your TV commercials, static or dynamic images .
3, business card pen drive partition, do not delete the file , the client can only look , not paste , copy, or delete , even if the format can not be deleted . This function is the enterprise information microchipping , avoiding the payment of business card pen drive enterprise product information leakage caused by caused by products being copied . business card pen drive to use a minimum of 5-8 years , companies spend an equal money , do at least 5-8 years of advertising .



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