USB Flash Drive Industry News Roundup

USB Flash Drive Industry News Roundup

Another month has gone by since our last USB industry roundup and the market is abuzz with new developments that USB is dedicated to bringing straight to you.  So here’s a look back at August:

USB 3.0 Gets a Power Boost

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group detailed a new specification that enables more voltage (up to 100W) for the SuperSpeed interface.  This means fewer adapters and cables needed, more space at your power outlets and ten times the power capabilities of rival Thunderbolt.

Windows 8 Supporting USB 3.0

For the next generation of Windows, USB 3.0 will be designed into the system to accommodate SuperSpeed hardware and devices including USB 3.0 flash drives, hard drives, hubs and more.  This move will likely push the interface further into the mainstream.  Approximately 2 billion devices are expected to be sold just in 2015.

Flash Drives Go Big on Storage

Memory producer Transcend and a Taiwanese research institute revealed a compact USB 3.0 flash drive known as the Thin Card thumb drive with a 2TB capacity.  2TB is roughly equal to 600 hours of HD video or thousands of copies of an encyclopedia series.  Previous USB flash drive data capacities pushed 256GB, however average user capacities are most popularly seen from 16GB to 64GB.

Due to a lack of specific international USB 3.0 standards, Transcend has yet to set a market debut or estimate pricing for what’s sure to be an expensive device.

The Minds Behind Flash Memory Converge

The Flash Memory Summit 2011 took place earlier this month in Santa Clara, California.  NAND flash experts discussed and brainstormed the industry’s latest developments.  Key points included the importance of mass storage removable devices like flash drives, the projection for tablet growth for flash storage and forecasts for positive long term growth.NAND flash is the foundation for the memory of countless devices, including USB drives.

New Flash Drive Styles for USB

USB added two new, special styles to its custom flash drive roster that will serve to benefit adventurous marketing efforts—the Expedition, which looks like a carabiner and the Brewski, which can double as a bottle opener.

We’re always looking to provide more exciting new products so stay tuned to all the changes we’re bringing to our bulk USB section.



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