How can I use a USB to promote?

A business desirous of growth, no matter what stage of development it's in, would be hard-pressed not to come up with a beneficial use (or a hundred of them) for a promo USB flash drive. But just in case your creative department needs a little nudge, here's some inspiration on how certain types of businesses can avail themselves of the marketing potentialities of this powerful technology.

Realtors can pre-load a promo USB flash drive with detailed information on several properties or one amazing property to woo potential buyers. At your next open house, imagine handing out a dozen promo USB flash drives with not only the basic stats of the property in question, but your business's profile, your own real estate bio, full-color photos of the property and yard, a local map highlighting schools, hospitals and other amenities, a duplicate of your broker's website, a mortgage calculator, other similar properties also on the market to consider, and more. With your promo USB flash drive in their pocket, and after viewing dozens more properties that don't capitalize on this awesome technology like you have, which property do you think potential buyers will remember most?

Teachers and Professors rack up hundreds or more dollars a year either out of their own pocket or the school's/university's in photocopying and/or printing costs. Put an end to such frivolous (and environmentally unsound) waste once and for all by distributing course materials in digital form. The USB flash drive can be pre-loaded with all your course instruction materials, including illustrations, maps, charts, homework assignments, audio/visual aids, even password-protected exams each of which can be unlocked at the appropriate times of the semester. And the best part is the school doesn't even necessarily have to swallow the cost. What student wouldn't rather pay for a pocket-sized USB drive on a lanyard or a keychain over a bulky, heavy, and probably more expensive textbook?

Speakers, Presenters and Workshop Leaders, just like teachers, often absorb huge costs printing and photocopying visual aids for their lectures. But now, attendees can be given their own USB flash drives for easier recall of the information imparted at a later date. You can even add bonus features to the USB drive, expanding on material delivered in the presentation that time simply wouldn't allow. Background materials, source materials, quotes, sound bytes, newsreels, relevant blogs the list of ways to use this technology to augment the value of any workshop or presentation is limited only by one's imagination. And remember, you'd be remiss if you didn't also include in your promo USB drive, promotional material for your subsequent presentations or workshops, your “tour dates” (if appropriate), or advertisements for your accompanying book/movie/CD/software, etc.

In these three examples alone, you can undoubtedly start to see the vast potential that USB flash drive technology has for promotional uses. The only thing now is to figure out how you can best use it to advance your business's objectives



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