Gift Usb flash drive as Canton fair promotional products for enterprises to bring what benefits?

Every year, business people from all over the world will recommend their businesses and seek business opportunities at the canton fair.

General advertising costs are generally higher, many enterprises choose to find professional U disk manufacturer custom Usb flash drive and advertising U disk, the company's products can be the plane advertising, flash animation promotional video, video wide
Equivalent value into the gift U disk to the customer.
Ordinary U disk for publicity, only in the appearance of the company's LOGO, then or for a while, after the loss of publicity effect.Custom U disk, in addition to the appearance of the company
LOGO, can be on the U disk chip to do business advertising video.U disk general life is 5-6 years (good 8-10 years no problem), is equal to the enterprise spent a money, do a few years of wide
In this way, through the publicity among customers, more credibility and authenticity, help to increase the number of customers.Once bought, always served.

Advertising U disk customization not only has the characteristics of gifts, advertising, but also has the characteristics of fashion, high-grade business, is the perfect combination of practical and value;As long as the user USES the usb stick, they can see it

The advertising content you want to present to the user.There are three functions to choose from:
1, U disk pre-storage of a company website address, with any function of ordinary U disk, when U disk inserted into the USB port of the computer, the computer will automatically enter the website address immediately
2, insert U disk to the computer, first play a FLASH advertising or related pictures, slides, etc.
Then the user has to watch it for 10 seconds before manually closing it.And has the text rolling advertisement content, may display the latest promotion or the special price product information.
3, can be pictures, FALSH, slides, text scrolling ads, website url, together with the pop-up.

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Above is the usb flash drive manufacturers Usbestek business unit for gift advertising u-disk for the enterprise to bring what benefits?
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